jewelry interview: Pulp & Paisley

Pulp & Paisley‘s etsy shop has been one of my favorites for awhile now. I like the big necklaces loaded with beads and loops accentuating patterned discs. The color combinations are appealing to me..

You mention you’ve been making jewelry for 10 years.. how long have you been selling? What inspired you to start?
In 1997 I got a job at a bead store in Ottawa and I worked there for four years until I went back to school. I learned a lot while I was there and needless to say, accumulated quite a collection of beads! I finished school, got married and while on my maternity leave in 2005, I began to make jewelry again. My son was a good sleeper, so while he napped, I made jewelry, which is more fun than cleaning! I got an enthusiastic response (on my jewelry, not my messy house), so I started selling in a local shop and then craft shows and then a few more shops and then more craft shows and now I’m on etsy!

You have a very distinct style, do you remember any jewelers or particular pieces of jewelry that have “influenced you”?
There are so many incredible jewellers but I can’t think of anyone off-hand or any pieces. I will see pieces where I think “Damn! I wish I’d thought of that!”, but then I’ll move my work in a completely different direction.

What (if anything in particular) has provided inspirations for jewelry items you’ve made or in your shop?
I’ve always been inspired by interesting colour combinations and now that I’m using paper in my jewelry, I feel like my head is going to pop off with the endless selection of paper patterns and colours. It’s always changing and never boring for me.

Any other types of crafts or hobbies you like to do on the side?
I love sprucing up thrift finds when I can, but mostly my jewelry and my family (I have two little kids) consume every waking moment!

Any other new ideas/plans/things you want to learn?
My to-do list is enormous! I can’t seem to make things fast enough, so that I can get onto the next idea, but my husband and I are planning to start blogging this spring, which will be an interesting endeavour and I think I might jump on the moustache (jewelry, not grow one!) bandwagon for the summer….and my hot air balloons are coming soon.


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