Lost In Translation

I feel corny using that as a title for a post. How trite. But really, what other way is there to explain how, once the corny lyrics of this theme song for Danger: Diabolik make their way into English, the song loses its mystique.
I mean… I guess it might have dumb lyrics anyway. I just love the movie.
I love the whole style of 1960s Italian hero-villain, as realized in Diabolik, and the somewhat less slick Mister X, and the disappointing Satanik.
They’re all based on some cool comics, from a generally “cool” era in Italian culture, full of art, music, and fashion that I really dig.
Glittering Images has a pretty cool book out covering a lot of this stuff (it’s in English and Italian)
Anyway… the song. The score to Diabolik was done by the well-known Ennio Morricone, famous for tons of spaghetti westerns, and later on, even John Carpenter and Argento films. He’s pretty prolific.
Upon watching this movie, the theme song “Deep Deep Down” will get stuck in your head for days. You can cure that affliction by listening to it in English.

Ennio Morricone
Deep Down
Deep Down (English)
Danger: Diabolik
Directed by Mario Bava, 1968

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