Rita Hayworth, part 1 of 2

“Rita Hayworth’s own voice can be heard possibly in the slow version of “Put the Blame on Mame,” during which she accompanies herself on guitar, and definitely in two rare 1971 TV appearances.”
- Alan Eichler, on the liner notes to the “Silver Screen Star Series” Rita Hayworth LP

I think the general consensus is that this was sang by Anita Ellis.
Rita Hayworth is so sexy in Gilda, seriously. Considering the motivation of her character, it makes sense… Women are best at being sexy out of spite. Well I am, anyway. I do everything best out of spite. I wish there was some hateful reason to update this blog every week!
I really dig Anita’s vocals on this version of the song. It’s a nice sultry scene in the movie, too.
Rita never sang her own songs in her movies. Was she actually a decent singer? I guess you can be the judge. Next time I’ll post one of the aforementioned TV songs.

Rita Hayworth and/or Anita Ellis
Put The Blame On Mame (slow version)
Directed by Charles Vidor, 1946

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