I love songs about teenagers. I love movies about teenagers. Magazines, too.
Last night I watched “Mini’s First Time.” Damn! I think I liked it. Not as much as “Foxes,” and “The Craft,” but more than “Foxfire.” About on par with “Thirteen.”
Teens. The word is even fun to say. And fun to sing. That’s why I love this Reparata & the Delrons song, “Whenever a Teenager Cries.” Blue birds don’t fly, the stars don’t shine so bright.. it seems the whole world dies. Yeah, ok.
Her voice is so awesomely whiny. The teenage melodrama brings to mind “So Young” by the Ronettes.
You can find other Reparata & The Delrons songs on such compilations as Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found,” (doy), or their own best of CD.
As for this second version of “Whenever A Teenager Cries,” by The Jeans… I have no idea where I got this mp3. I can’t find too much about this song. It just doesn’t convey the urgency of the Reparata & The Delrons version. Step it up Jeans! This is TEENAGERS we’re talking about. Teens.

Reparata & The Delrons
Whenever A Teenager Cries

The Jeans
Whenever A Teenager Cries

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