By request (kind of)

I aim to please.
I guess the writer of this intriguing classic movie blog found my site while searching for a recording of Barbra Stanwyck singing “Take It Off The E String (Play It On The G String)”, as seen and heard in the movie “Lady of Burlesque“(1943).
For those of you who aren’t familiar, the movie is an adaptation of the novel “The G String Murders” by the one and only Gypsy Rose Lee, eloquent stripper turned mystery writer.
Stanwyck sings this saucy number and flaunts her goods in the burlesque tradition, in the beginning of the movie before the shit goes down. (By that I mean the aforementioned murders of course)
The song is credited to Sammy Cahn and Harry Akst.
I can only guess that it would be this Sammy Cahn and Harry Akst, each relatively successful and acclaimed showtune writers on their own.
If I’m correct that would make it the same men who brought us such songs as “Dinah” (Akst) and “Until The Real Thing Comes Along”(Cahn). Hell.. Cahn partnered with various people on a whole slew of familiar songs from “Love and Marriage” to “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.”
I copied this song from the “Ladies of Burlesque” compilation LP. I posted another song and mentioned this one 2 years ago. Which of course led to this request.
Anyway, I’m glad someone looked at my blog. I’m glad I could be of service delivering this legendary burlesque-related recording to someone who seeks it. Enjoy. Sorry my record player sucks. I’m working on that.

Take It Off The E String (Play It On The G String)
(Sammy Kahn, Harry Akst)
Barbara Stanwyck – from the 1943 film “Lady of Burlesque”

Barbara Stanwyck looking ridiculously hot

3 Responses to “By request (kind of)”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    You could possibly repost this song? I’ve been searching online for this song for weeks and I’d love to use it for an upcoming burlesque show.

    Thanks so much!

  2. karamae Says:

    sure thing!
    I think I lost the file but I can re-record it tonight!
    I’d love to learn mroe about your work if you have a site or anything

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you! If you’d like you could email it to me. My burlesque name is Bunny VanDoren and I perform with Angel Burlesque.

    Thanks so much! It’s been impossible to find that song. :)

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