The plight of June Harlow and the plight of Kara Mae

I’ve had trials and tribulations. Record needle failures and record player failures, technical difficulties and life distractions.
I got some new needles for the LP player, got an entirely new Califone 1430K to play my 78s, and tried to learn just a little bit more about easier ways to export mp3s and normalize and tag files en masse. I am in the process of digitizing many of my 1930′s-related LPs.
After some frustration with sound quality, I discovered that this record I’m posting (half-of) sounds better when played with the 78 needle. So I went ahead and did that.
Here is side one of “Great Motion Picture Themes from Jean Harlow Films.” I haven’t tagged everything thoroughly enough to name all of the songwriters and movies and stuff.
Frankly, I’m not convinced this blog currently has the readership to necessitate me putting forth too much effort (at this time.) So here’s one side of a record. I need to go to bed.

Great Motion Picture Themes From Jean Harlow Films

Since you already know all about Jean Harlow, and have access to tons of photos of her lovely face, I’ll randomly include the tangentally related burlesque star “June Harlow,” alleged niece of the Hollywood star. Due to her butt chin I’ll believe it.
In an interviews in Cabaret magazine in 1956, she talks about getting into stripping at age 16 because she knows she’s gotta use it or lose it. She laments that Marilyn Monroe gets comparisons to her aunt Jean. Coincidentally, June was apparently married to Joe DiMaggio’s brother. In another Cabaret feature one year later she talks up her plans to become a movie star, and disses the acting chops of Marilyn and Jayne, declaring that she won’t have to be a good actress because they aren’t.
I scanned her centerfold but then I realized there’s already a decent scan of it online. So when I do the second half of the Jean Harlow themes record, I’ll try to mix in some more photos of her “niece.”

click the photo for a huge image or click here for the whole page.

4 Responses to “The plight of June Harlow and the plight of Kara Mae”

  1. wrayb Says:


    So how many Cabaret issues do you have?

    The Marilyn photo on the wall, one item I asked my sister to look out for is the naked marilyn photo calendar I remember seeing in my dad’s closet back in pre 1965.

    I’ll be back to scarf the music after I clear some drive space.

  2. Kara Mae Says:

    I have at least a dozen or so.. it’s my favorite mens magazine of the era by far

  3. baltimorediary Says:

    Aren’t needles for 78s usually made of ceramic? Isn’t that a little rough on LPs?

    I’m about to launch into a project of converting a bunch of LPs into MP3s, so yours is a project I’ll be keeping an eye on. Good luck!

  4. Kara Mae Says:

    Indeed it is, and I usually don’t do it.. but the record sounded better so it’s not worth much on regular needles anyway, sounding like crap

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